Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Monty, Red Jeans and Prison Break!

monty the labrador retriver
 This week it was Monty's birthday! He turned 7 and got spoilt as usual... he gets more spoilt than me and my sister!! He's so funny opening his presents, he literally puts his paw on the present rips the paper off with his teeth, discards it then moves on to the next!!! He looks so cute in this pic, he was over the moon with his presents :)

shirt and jeans both from river island
This picture makes me sad :( I took it a few days ago. The outfit I'm wearing I got free on my uniform for working at River Island. However I had some problems with the jeans as I presume it was the dye running on the them as after a couple of wears they had big black lines where they crease at the top which didn't come out after washing :( This had already happened with them once before so I decided not to take the risk again and exchanged them for some Maroon coloured jeans that I'll post tomorrow :) 
I loved these pants though, they immediately dressed up any top and made me feel very sexy!
the brooch from the shirt
I also love the shirt but I'm disappointed it's recently went in the sale! However I still love the style of it, especially the cowboy brooch!

It's getting late now so I'm going to get tucked up in bed and watch some more Prison Break. I'm absolutely addicted to it! I'm onto Season 4 now... Season 3 was my absolute favourite but Season 2 was very disappointing. Plus, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are VERY easy on the eye. Totally recommend it but not if you have a deadline or something coming up as everything else will play second fiddle to it! 
I also love 24, I've watched them all except Season 7 & 8 so I think I'm going to watch them once I've finished with this! I also really want to watch Downton Abbey! I have the episodes ready to watch so I'm gona have to, I've heard so many good things about it. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!:)
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  1. My dog gets spoilt on her birthday too haha! Monty looks soo cute! Love your jeans and shirt too! Beautiful girl xx

    1. Haha before I got Monty I would of looked at this post and thought I was crazy haha! Dogs are just too cute! Thanks gorgeous! xx

  2. Your red jeans are lush - would you please tell where from?
    I'm loving your blog and decided to give you a follow- would you perhaps check mine out and follow back please?

  3. Shame about the jeans they looks great!, omg in love with that top its really cute i'm gutted I went into river island yesterday and never saw this shirt in the sale! defo missed out there.