Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dreaded home dyes...

Good afternoon! Had a slow day at uni in some seemingly pointless classes however it's time for the real important activities to take place... hair dying!

Naturally my hair is a light mousy brown colour. It really washes me out and is sooo boring so I've been dying my hair since I was about 10! I've been every colour under the sun- blonde, ginger, black, dark brown, light brown, pink (during the hair stripping process, not by choice!!) and my current colour- Purple! I love my purple hair, its not BRIGHT purple its more of a dark 'tinge'. It brightens me up, reflects lovely off the light and I get lots of compliments for the colour! (The pic below doesn't really show the colour very well unfortunately but for some reason, cameras don't really pick up on the colour!)

However, I refuse to pay extortionate hairdressing prices to have a dye put on my hair. As a student and part time sales assistant I'm constantly looking for ways to do things on the cheap, as I'm sure most in my situation do to!
 It's a different story when I go blonde as there's so many risks involved with that LOL. I've heard far too many stories about hair loss and ending up bright orange! 
I use LIVE XXL in shade 87 MYSTIC VIOLET. I absolutely love this hair dye it never fails to give me fabulous colour, it's so cheap (around £6) and easy to use. Also the conditioner they provide makes my hair so soft.

However, I would most certainly not recommend the XXL foam. I used this once, purely because it was on offer and I fancied trying it. BIG MISTAKE. It collected in big lumps at the bottom of the mix, dripped all over my floor and body, didn't cover my roots properly and was in general an absolute nightmare!! 
Stick to the liquids ladies! xxx 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post :)
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