Wednesday, 17 October 2012


not moving from here!
Well well well... today is my first full day off since last Tuesday so I'm using it as an excuse to have a total lazy day. I totally deserve it!! With the sale starting at River Island (where I work), I'd been called in for a few extra shifts, coupled with uni has led to some very dark circles under my eyes! Dark circles can be caused by many things such as lack of sleep, having a cold and unfortunately genetics! Genetically I would say that I am prone to dark circles but then again, I'm not a very good sleeper :( I lie awake for hours and hours thinking about absolutely anything except sleep! 
tucked up and refusing to get ready... skanky!
In the past I've tried a few 'off the shelf' products such as Clinque but didn't feel like they worked well enough for the money they cost so I wouldn't recommend them. 
Instead I like to stick to good old Cucumbers! They work an absolute treat and make me feel wide awake even on those mornings when it's been a real struggle to get out of bed!
A trick I really want to give a go is applying Haemorrhoid cream under my eyes... I've heard this one a few times on the internet and on the TV- namely Naomi on 90210! I think I'll give it a go and follow up in a week!

if it makes her look this good!
Today, with it being my lazy day I refuse to get dressed to lie in bed so I won't be getting ready until about 5ish when I'll do an outfit post. That's before I go to my friends house for a girly sleepover:)! She's just moved into a flat with her boyfriend and he's on night shift tonight so we can't let her sleep lonely!!! Expect lots of pics of us making ourselves beautiful and being sillys! 
new york bagel co. onion bagel with ham and cheese and a cup of tea :)
This was my breakfast this morning... what a great start to the day! Absolutely addicted to tea and bagels so it made the perfect combination, totally recommend these bagels, I especially like them with tomato soup! (sans ham and cheese though)

Have a night day everyone and thanks for reading :)
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  1. I'd love to know if the haemorrhoid cream actually works! I've heard this before too but it seems so strange haha. I also have problems with dark circles. Judging by your picture you look lovely without makeup anyway!
    I'm new to blogging too. Please check out my blog and follow back if you have time? :)
    Chloe xx

  2. hiiii!
    i've just seen your comment on my blog so i've popped over to say hello and show my support, so here i am. i've just started following you now, i love your little blog so far.
    pop back over to mine anytime for a chat, i'd love to speak more, you seem so lovely!
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

  3. yum bagels, lovely choice. def a good start to the day!

  4. Hey I don't suffer with dark circles all thought my boss at my old work and few girls there swear by using Haemorrhoid cream and say it works great on your skin, your have to give it ago and then do a review on the cream :).