Friday, 26 October 2012


Soooo... I've decided that this Christmas I refuse to turn into the ultimate lard arse. Especially with it being my first Christmas with a boyfriend- and you know how often people gain weight when they get a boyfriend! Fortunately my boyfriend is a bit of a fitness freak with an amazing body so I have to compete!! 
This is also with the fact that a little over a month ago I actually quit smoking! Before I started smoking I LOVED chocolate, however when I actually did smoke, I didn't really crave chocolate. Now I've quit though, I want to eat chocolate ALL the time!!! To the point where I'm buying big bars and consuming them in one swoop!!
I've decided for the first time EVER to start doing squats. I'm starting off light with a set of 15 then a set of 20 every night- I don't want to destroy my legs so that I can't do them or else I'll fail!! I'm also going to start the 'press up challenge'. My dad has been doing this and has noticed amazing changes in his body... here's the link it's quite confusing to explain but easy to read in the table!
I'm also going to be doing 200 sit ups each day.

I'll report back in a week and let you's know how I'm doing and if I'm ready to increase my sets!!

What are your work out secrets? :)

Thanks for reading :)
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Thursday, 25 October 2012

:( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

So sorry I haven't blogged in a few day... I feel like I'm totally neglecting it! So bogged down with uni work right now... 3rd year sucks!
Alongside my dissertation, I have to do a PR pitch, a debate on a topic I'd never heard of, a reflection of the debate AND I'm currently starting my own business for the Gradate Enterprise module!!
Talk about work overload!
book city

The picture above is making me VERY sad as these books are my life for the next few months!!!

However, I'm really pleased as I FINALLY have been assigned a dissertation tutor so went to see her on Monday to show her my ideas and the work I've completed so far- Thank god she thought it was good idea and that the work I'd done was on track... phewf!

Anyways I need to get back to the 'barriers to entry' part of my Business Plan :(

Hopefully I'll get a chance to do some REAL blogging in the next few days!

Thanks for reading!
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Monday, 22 October 2012

3 outfit posts... waddaafaaack

Hi girls! Sorry I've fully neglected my blog over the past few days, been very very busy! On Saturday I was at work then went over to a friends for a few drinks and yesterday was a big day up north... DERBY DAY! Derby day is huge where I live, even though I'm not interested in football, it's always a mint day of drinking with all my friends. My initial plan was to just go out for a few then get home early and have a good sleep for uni... I don't even know why I tried kidding myself, out from 2 til chucking out... standard geordies haha.
dress and wetlook leggings both from River Island

brand new Kate Moss lipstick in 107

cardi is RI, boots are OLD new look

i've just a doughnut to style my bun :)

the best place ever!
This outfit is from Friday, I went for lunch with my Mam, Dad and sister at the most amazing restaurant- Elizabeths in Sunderland. They make the best homemade food ever (apart from my mams, grandmas and nanas ofcourse) lush Mince and Dumplings!
top- primark. jeans- RI
This is the outfit I wore on Derby day, I didn't want to get too dressed up as we were going out through the day and most people would just be casual but I still wanted to look nice and I love a Peplum atm... they're flattering on all shapes. This one's from Primark- definitely recommend people to go have a look, they had loads of different colours and prints at such a good price!
uni time.

This is my outfit of actually today.. I've been at uni then went over to my friends flat as she's just got a doggy... well actually her mam put it in her boot and told her to have it haha! My top is from Topshop around Christmas time... I love it so much, I put a white vest on underneath as it's quite short and not very weather appropriate! I teamed it with my trusty wine jeggings and ankle boots!
My wine coloured jeggings are fast becoming my autumn/winter staple... they go with so many of my clothes, are really flattering and are unbelievably comfortable!! I totally recommend the Molly jeggings from River Island.

this is meghans dog- Pippin :)
Finally... for one of my modules at uni me and five other girls are setting up our own business. The business is called 'Wrist Candy' and we are planning on selling bracelets... please please pleaseee could you take approximately 3 minutes out of your day to complete a survey to help us with Market Research? Thanks! :)

Thanks for reading! 
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Chill night...

top and jeans both from River Island

morange from MAC


+ jumper and shoes x

bargain boots! £7
Tonight I'm having a chill night with my boyfriend which explains why I'm in such a casual look!
The leopard print top is OLD River Island, as are the jeans. My jumper and shoes are both from Primark, they were bought recently and are available in lots of different colours. Also, they were pretty cheap! Especially the shoes- £7!
The lipstick I'm wearing is my absolute FAVOURITE!! It's Morange by MAC and I love it. It adds colour to a plain outfit and brightens up my face... bringing a bit of colour to this season!
Also, super excited for the start of the new television programme Hebburn, its on BBC2 at 10pm starring Chris Ramsey and Vic Reeves... I actually live in Hebburn and let's just say its a bit rough around the edges Haha! Excited to see how it goes!!
Sooo, tonight me and Anth have drank wine, brought his mams dog over for a visit and played with sparklers! We're now watching 40 year old Virgin so we've had a nice chilled out night :)
anth and daisy :)

daisy getting ticklessss

anth buzzing over his sparkler

early bonfire night

anths idea of a lapdance

lovely wine, 3 for £10 thanks asda!

I'll get round to replying and follow backs tomorrow as I'm still at Anth's and I feel bad for blogging!

Thanks for reading:)
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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Rose is my friend

Sooooo, I know it's very late in the day but here's my outfit for this evening! As I said earlier, I'm going round to a friends from Uni's for a cute sleepover:) I love this outfit!! The jeggings I bought the other day from River Island... I get discount but the ticket price is £35- absolute bargain!! Any of the 'Molly' jeggings from River Island are a favourite with me. They're so comfortable, a gorgeous fit and come in lots of different colours... totally recommend them!! I also have a grey pair that I bought a few months back- they have went in the sale but similar ones are available. The 'wine' colour is bang on trend this season too which makes me very happy... I've been seeing a lot of it around the shops! It's also very relevant as I'm planning on drinking lots of wine at girls night tonight :)
My top I LOVE... I bought it from New Look after my holiday to Kavos. Anyone who's been to Kavos must have visited the famous 'Rolling Stones' bar... it was our absolute favourite, we went every night of our 10 day holiday before hitting the clubs and totally loved it. It played all the best indie and rock songs and served the best 'Headfuckers' in Kavos! Totally recommend it to anyone going to Kavos... look out for when they give you a euro change and it has a little rolling stones sticker on!!

i love rolling stones!!
this will fuck your head
rolling stone euro!

Now I'm off to my friends house, I'll hopefully get a chance to blog tomorrow, but I've got a date with my boyfriend so I'll try squeeze it in! It might be a mobile blog :)
Night girls!

Thanks for reading!:)
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not moving from here!
Well well well... today is my first full day off since last Tuesday so I'm using it as an excuse to have a total lazy day. I totally deserve it!! With the sale starting at River Island (where I work), I'd been called in for a few extra shifts, coupled with uni has led to some very dark circles under my eyes! Dark circles can be caused by many things such as lack of sleep, having a cold and unfortunately genetics! Genetically I would say that I am prone to dark circles but then again, I'm not a very good sleeper :( I lie awake for hours and hours thinking about absolutely anything except sleep! 
tucked up and refusing to get ready... skanky!
In the past I've tried a few 'off the shelf' products such as Clinque but didn't feel like they worked well enough for the money they cost so I wouldn't recommend them. 
Instead I like to stick to good old Cucumbers! They work an absolute treat and make me feel wide awake even on those mornings when it's been a real struggle to get out of bed!
A trick I really want to give a go is applying Haemorrhoid cream under my eyes... I've heard this one a few times on the internet and on the TV- namely Naomi on 90210! I think I'll give it a go and follow up in a week!

if it makes her look this good!
Today, with it being my lazy day I refuse to get dressed to lie in bed so I won't be getting ready until about 5ish when I'll do an outfit post. That's before I go to my friends house for a girly sleepover:)! She's just moved into a flat with her boyfriend and he's on night shift tonight so we can't let her sleep lonely!!! Expect lots of pics of us making ourselves beautiful and being sillys! 
new york bagel co. onion bagel with ham and cheese and a cup of tea :)
This was my breakfast this morning... what a great start to the day! Absolutely addicted to tea and bagels so it made the perfect combination, totally recommend these bagels, I especially like them with tomato soup! (sans ham and cheese though)

Have a night day everyone and thanks for reading :)
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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Monty, Red Jeans and Prison Break!

monty the labrador retriver
 This week it was Monty's birthday! He turned 7 and got spoilt as usual... he gets more spoilt than me and my sister!! He's so funny opening his presents, he literally puts his paw on the present rips the paper off with his teeth, discards it then moves on to the next!!! He looks so cute in this pic, he was over the moon with his presents :)

shirt and jeans both from river island
This picture makes me sad :( I took it a few days ago. The outfit I'm wearing I got free on my uniform for working at River Island. However I had some problems with the jeans as I presume it was the dye running on the them as after a couple of wears they had big black lines where they crease at the top which didn't come out after washing :( This had already happened with them once before so I decided not to take the risk again and exchanged them for some Maroon coloured jeans that I'll post tomorrow :) 
I loved these pants though, they immediately dressed up any top and made me feel very sexy!
the brooch from the shirt
I also love the shirt but I'm disappointed it's recently went in the sale! However I still love the style of it, especially the cowboy brooch!

It's getting late now so I'm going to get tucked up in bed and watch some more Prison Break. I'm absolutely addicted to it! I'm onto Season 4 now... Season 3 was my absolute favourite but Season 2 was very disappointing. Plus, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are VERY easy on the eye. Totally recommend it but not if you have a deadline or something coming up as everything else will play second fiddle to it! 
I also love 24, I've watched them all except Season 7 & 8 so I think I'm going to watch them once I've finished with this! I also really want to watch Downton Abbey! I have the episodes ready to watch so I'm gona have to, I've heard so many good things about it. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!:)
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Editing my blog

sad :(
Sooooo, as you can see from my photo, I've got my pet lip on! WOW. I forgot how hard playing with HTML is! I think the last time I used HTML was about six years ago when I had a Piczo website! I'm still making tweaks and learning how to make it look better- it certainly doesn't look up to standard yet! This is me being very sad because of HTML!

The quote I've put at the top is by one of the most beautiful women in the world! I love her. I love old movies and Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favourite. Also, I love the quote in general, at the end of the day if there's a will, there's a will! It's a bit reflective on how I'm feeling about damn HTML right now! ;)
I know this is only my second post but I'm already loving posting exactly what I'm thinking... so this is why people blog!!! I wish I'd discovered blogging sooner!

Today I had a bit of a pointless day at uni. One of my module lecturers is a bit of a crazy and just seems to waffle on about absolutely nothing relevant to my degree so I took the time to IG two pics I took this morning for my daily #outfitpost I'm sporting a few trends here! A casual brown bat wing top, SHORT shorts, print, wetlook leggings AND I threw on my Converse. This is quite a casual look for me but I enjoyed it! A few of the girls at uni said I looked 'ghetto' with me having the front of my hair scraped back! I actually copied the style off Kim Kardashian on one of the recent 'Keeping Up' episodes!

parka- river island
top- primark
necklace- river island
shorts- river island
leggings- river island
bag- oasis
shoes- converse (although you can't see them)

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!:)
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Dreaded home dyes...

Good afternoon! Had a slow day at uni in some seemingly pointless classes however it's time for the real important activities to take place... hair dying!

Naturally my hair is a light mousy brown colour. It really washes me out and is sooo boring so I've been dying my hair since I was about 10! I've been every colour under the sun- blonde, ginger, black, dark brown, light brown, pink (during the hair stripping process, not by choice!!) and my current colour- Purple! I love my purple hair, its not BRIGHT purple its more of a dark 'tinge'. It brightens me up, reflects lovely off the light and I get lots of compliments for the colour! (The pic below doesn't really show the colour very well unfortunately but for some reason, cameras don't really pick up on the colour!)

However, I refuse to pay extortionate hairdressing prices to have a dye put on my hair. As a student and part time sales assistant I'm constantly looking for ways to do things on the cheap, as I'm sure most in my situation do to!
 It's a different story when I go blonde as there's so many risks involved with that LOL. I've heard far too many stories about hair loss and ending up bright orange! 
I use LIVE XXL in shade 87 MYSTIC VIOLET. I absolutely love this hair dye it never fails to give me fabulous colour, it's so cheap (around £6) and easy to use. Also the conditioner they provide makes my hair so soft.

However, I would most certainly not recommend the XXL foam. I used this once, purely because it was on offer and I fancied trying it. BIG MISTAKE. It collected in big lumps at the bottom of the mix, dripped all over my floor and body, didn't cover my roots properly and was in general an absolute nightmare!! 
Stick to the liquids ladies! xxx 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post :)
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