Thursday, 1 November 2012


Hi girls!

I'm getting terrible at leaving ages in between posts, I've been rushed off with my feet with uni work, seeing my boyfriend and catching up with friends.. hard life eh ;)

Not to mention the fact that I am also setting up a business:) Our business is called Wrist Candy- we sell charm bracelets. I am the marketing director and it would be a huge favour if you could like this page-
Also, you can follow us on Twitter!- @wristcandy_x
We've done really well so far, gaining over 100 followers in less than an hour and within the first 10 mins receiving a message asking if we wanted to sell the bracelets in someones store!

The above is one of answers we got on our survey... bit of a strange choice... hahahaha!!

We're Newcastle based but deliver world wide. 
We're getting materials for the bracelets and will be selling them within the next few weeks so I'll keep you's posted!:)

This is my outfit for todayyy.. I'm wearing a River Island top from a few years ago (but I love) it's so comfortable and I love the long sleeves for winter ofcourse. I'm also wearing the River Island black Tube Pants- at £25 they are well worth it and are definitely becoming a winter staple! 
My fluffy headband is also from River Island, last winter- I'm loving the fact that it's getting a bit colder as it means I can start wearing things like this again! ;)
This is Monty modelling it too...

Also, I've been getting on really well with my exercises, my press up count is increasing nice and quickly and my squats are getting easier and easier! :)

I hope you's have all had a great Halloween... I haven't even got dressed up yet! I'm at a party on Saturday though so I'll be getting dressed up then :) These are the pumpkins me and Anth carved, mines the one on the right (I made Harry Potter!)
Thanks for reading, I'm off to my friends house for some relaxation! 
IG: @empatterson92

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  1. Your new business with the charm bracelets sounds great! looking forward to seeing some photos of them made.